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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Digital Knight Scripted Art Studio is Now Open

October 1, 2007 from 5 to 8 p.m. SLT was the fantastic opening of Digital Knight Scripted Art Studio. The evening was a success and the competition to identify the name of the "Tall Ship" was in intense.

We had fantastic guesses of French tall ships such as: Dora, Le Napoleon, the Royal Louis, and Cutter Sark to name a few. Some not so serious guesses of Unroyal Louis and H.M.S. Fig Newton were a few of my favorites.

The guessing was intense as was the Googling for the answer. Your favorite Curator was the first to identify it, but since the Museum was the Exclusive Sponsors of the event, was not qualified to win the Tall Ship.

Mr. Montague threw out helpful hints such as: It's flying a French Flag, Napoleonic War, and It's a special ship as I had to find a picture of it to make it into "Tall Ship".

Spanish ships Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria made an appearance in the guessing line up as did the HMS Victory and Surprise.

The win went to Tressie Jetaime with: "Acheron". HMS Surprise was the British ship that was commissioned to arrest the Acheron. The picture of this fabulous tall ship can be found in the movie, Master and Commander.

Congrats to Ms. Jetaime on winning the contest and thanks to all who participated in the event.


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