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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New Second Life Artwork

Skull Island, Digital Art by Atlantis Jewell
Join me as I begin a new journey in Second Life. As my loyal readers know, I have been traveling throughout Second Life reviewing art in SL and writing about my favorite galleries in this blog.  I have also done several sim reviews based on the amazing art in the builds. Along the way, I have collected hundreds of Second Life photographs; I have used them for this blog, posted them on Facebook, and on However, I have been asking myself that to do with of the bulk of my not so perfect pictures!

All photographs are of scenery from Second Life, taken originally in my travels looking for the Picture Perfect Second Life pictures, which are hard to take! After taking 100 pictures and looking at the photographs 1 or 2 will make the final cut!

After taking a college course on Photoshop, my curve in learning the amazing way to enhance photographs has soared. Let's take the picture above, for an example. I have added a reflection to the water and gave it gentle waves, which were lacking in the original photograph!  If you don't believe me see the original photo below!

Grimm Shores
If you read my Best of Halloween Tour from October 2011 you may have seen this photograph! Isn't the difference amazing? Additionally, I have added sleet, snow, rain, thunderstorms, water, reflections, to the many photographs now available in my art gallery in Digital Art by Atlantis Jewell

Da Vinci Gardens - Before
In closing, I would like to leave you with a before and after pictures of my Fantasy Castle and I hope you will stop by and see the rest of my artwork!

Romantic Fantasy Castle, After
All artwork is placed on a lovely mahogany picture frame that is one prim and they are all mod/copy/NO TRANS. 

After you visit my art gallery, please come back and tell my readers your rating on my artwork:  one or two thumbs up or down! (I will publish them all.) Please state why you voted they way you have!

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