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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Garden of Dreams

When I want a new place to visit, I check out the Destination Guide and sometimes, I can find some really wonderful spots. One such spot is the Garden of Dreams. It is beautiful and is a wonderful place for a romantic getaway.

Old Grandfather Time
The trees on the sim are huge, gargantuan is a better word to describe these golden-leafed trees. This sim is perpetually set in fall. There are little nooks for dancing with your love as well as a dance floor set on a beautiful ocean and the mountains in the distance.

Another truly remarkable piece of art are the huge logs that you see throughout the sim, they are about 10-15 feet in height and they are phantom and when you walk through the side of the trunk, you can see the beautiful background at the other end of the trunk and the sun streaming through the holes adds mystery and romance to your picture.

Tree trunk 
Throughout the sim you will see pink globes and if you "slip in" and sit you can touch the ball and it will give you a menu allowing you to choose where to visit, the realms of hell, cemetery, desert, and the beach to name a few. Once you are at your destination, zoom in on the circle that you are sitting within and suddenly it disappears giving you a great photo opportunity.  The sphere travels to many different places catering to a wide variety of tastes. A word of caution when you are done with the ride, the click "ground" because you want to return to the ground, not fall from the sky and splat on the ground below! And as you can imagine that is exactly what happened to me!

In Hell!
The Garden of Dreams is wonderfully romantic spot to bring your Second Life sweetie and romance him or her with lovely music and scenery. A must see along your SL travels!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Art Fun For Your Blog

I know that I have not blogged in quite a while, however that is due to my computer being fried, but I am working on setting up on my computer and will be back touring Second Life Museums and Art Galleries soon!

However, I have a fun website for you! and here is an example below!

My Wordle based on my last blog entry!

It takes the words from your blog entry, the most repeated word used in your entry will be the largest so now you know that I truly think that Second Life ART GALLERIES ARE indeed BEAUTIFUL! Now you can copy it to your clip board by using snip tool (search for it under the windows icon) and you can put it into PhotoShop and put your pictures from your blog behind your wordle and then save it as a jpeg and upload it to your blog!

Have fun!