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Friday, December 30, 2011

The Art of Machinima

The art of Machinima (pronounced ma-She-na-ma) is the art of making videos in a virtual world.  There has been some famous movie makers who have played around with Second Life Machinima such as the creators of CSI:  NY, which turned out to be quite the let down, for the Second Life fans and players, as it was only a 60-second clip along with a very corny story line, however, there are people in Second Life who are passionate about movie making in a virtual world.

The Machinima Film Studio
There is a huge movie studio on Charmed Island, called The Machinima Film Studios. The landmark takes you to a beautiful forest with picturesque bridges and mountains and streams.  At first you don't even see the mountains as the forest has several levels, the forest floor with the pretty flowers, then the scrubs and small trees are nestled in between these huge sky-scraping trees and then suddenly you look and see the snow-capped mountains!

It's a photographer's paradise!  After you take all the pictures that you can, you teleport to the main studio which has sets from a Bandstand to the Wild West, horror to fairyland.

Even after viewing these sets, I wanted to know how to go about taking a video.  I went to the Second Life wiki and Torley Linden did not disappoint.  She has a library of videos for the Machinima beginner.  She gives you tips and tricks to make your videos wonderfully convincing!
Italian set

There are groups in Second Life who shoot Second Life reality TV clips!  They are very funny!  One is set in a trailer park there is mystery and intrigue around every corner!

Whatever you wish to do with your Machinima clips, remember that like with everything in Second Life there are copyright laws that need to be respected, other then that have fun making your virtual films!