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Friday, July 11, 2008

Final Weeks of the Relay for Life

The last and final push for the Relay for Life is underway. The sims will be open shortly for public viewing.

The Enchanted Elves have a plot where we have made a tribute to the Relay and Why we do it on that plot. The poem you will find on the signs on that sim is below in its entirety:

As I spoke to you and I heard your reply,

I saw, the barren forest in my frozen minds eye,

I placed a toe upon that path,

Determined to do the math,

The price for not walking the path was too high,

I placed my feet firmly on it and took that first step, bye and bye,

As I began my journey, O the pain, the suffering, the despair,

I spoke to you again, and you said, this would repair,

Hardly believing I saw the red hot lava, pain so unbearable, torturing me,

I said, let me be,

I saw a bridge and hastened up it,

And the desolate forest turned into day bidding me to rest a bit,

Sitting down, at last at peace, I thanked you,

And your reply, it is turned out as I had hoped, but sometimes it’s hard to have that clue,

As I sat and garnered strength, gathering my loved ones around,

Kissing, hugging, laughing, happiness abound,

Then I saw you, and you shook your head,

And said, its time for bed,

Glancing around I noticed others,

Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers,

Some sitting, standing, others wandering past, I stood,

Fearfully, I began to walk, the pain was back, I shuffled as fast as I could,

Past the water, I saw my rest,

Tears slid down my face, loved ones hugging me, I whispered, this is for the best,

No more pain and suffering, remember me,

And now let me be.

© All Rights Reserved. Copyrighted Georgia Lee Jones. July 2008.