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Friday, May 30, 2008

June Exhibition

On the Garden Level of the Museum the House of Lords display will continue, an intimate look into the House of Lords featuring its Master and His subs.

In the grove, we will be changing the theme from statuary to Vehicles in SL. The car and bike collection is On Lend from a Museum Patron, Papo Lungu. His extensive collection of all types of vehicles range from motorbikes, cars, and jet skis to name a few.

In the Exhibition Hall we will feature the wildlife photographs of Macintaz Balbozar whose RL picture talents never need touching up in Photoshop!!

These new exhibitions will be ready for viewing on Monday, June 9th at 5:00 p.m., SLT. Come and see the wondrous envirnment that we live and play in and call Second Life!

Halfway There Fair!

We are Halfway There at the Relay for Life Fair. The Enchanted Elves will be selling quality goods for half price... that's right some businesses in SL have donated their items and all you have to do is pay the kiosk!!

The business feature, Exquisite Furnishings, Elven Enchantment Museum and Art Gallery, and Atlantis Jewell Creations. We may have a few more, but right now these SL companies have definitely committed and 100 percent of the proceeds go to the Relay for Life!

Sculpture in the Grove

This past month the Museum has featured various sculpture artiste's in the grove. Their work is superior, interesting, passionate, and diverse. The first I am going to share with you is from an up and coming sculpture artiste, Mayden Dragonash! This sculpture is not named but is to me a thinking head, resigned to its fate and is waiting the end... hmm, that was quite dark, you decide!!

This next piece is called Thorny Spirals. Now before moving onto Thorny ... I must point out that all of Ms. Dragonash's sculptures have moving textures on them making them jump out at the viewer! Thorny Spirals have fire on the tops of the branches with blood veins spiraling down to the base. Great for a Gothic Castle or Halloween!

Orth of Lava is a globe set on a pedestal of iron with a wooden base. The orb looks like an alien world in which if you look deep enough into the globe you just might see the alien residents going about their business! But the swirling fog of their world keeps them safely hidden from view!!

The original Thorny Sculpture is the first one that I saw by Ms. Dragonash and this has spiny limbs coming up from the base held together by the lava orbs at various points on the sculpture. All of Ms. Dragonash's works would be fantastic in a Gothic Castle or your BDSM dungeon!!

The fantastic sculpture by Mayden Dragonash is leaving Elven Enchantment tomorrow May 31! Come and see her wonderful pieces of art!

The next piece is a sculpty gazebo done by a RL sculpture artiste who is in SL under the name of Ms. Chastity DeCuir. In RL her sculptures sell for lots and funds her theatre work...! But here in SL she owns Virgo Rising and this beautiful piece is the centre piece of some lovely SL weddings!! In this picture you can see the grass, but at her home, Chas has this set out over the ocean and you can view the ocean life below. She lent this to the Museum for this exhibition, thanks Chas!!

It looks like a sculpture, it is moving (it's SL, so we can indeed have moving sculptues!), but is it a sculpture? Now, most of my guests to the Museum would not try walking through this sculpture, but stand back and enjoy the view of this cartoon character representation of RacerX's Burning Man statue in a mini size, but if you know who RacerX is then you know that his specialty is particles and so the answer to the question is this a sculpture? Technically, no, but boy is it fun! This not-a-sculpture (technically speaking) is complete with waterfall around the inner particle. If you saw this in giant size at 2007's Burning Man then you know that it stood at least 50 meters tall and moved and had fireworks and many intricate parts that all moved... RacerX rocks!

For as long as there are Museums and the legends of Egypt intrigue our imaginations, no Museum can exist and not have Egyptian sculpture, even if it is on loan for a little while!! Elven Enchantment has some wonderful Egyptian statuary and the tallest is of Anubis! This artiste is Naadarih Shimad and her work is beautiful and detailed. She has built her own Egyptian sim in SL to house these wonderful works of sculpture.

This sculpture features Anubis sitting in the traditional Egyptian position with his ears pointed up and sitting at attention this Egyptian god is set on a block of granite guarding the dead along with two Bastet Cats in silver and onyx. The Eye of Ra circles Anubis's eye and the Bastet Cat's eyes too.

No Egyptian Exhibition would be complete without a Mummy and a Sarcophagus, which sits between the two Anubis sculptures. The door on the sarcophagus swings open and shut! This artwork will mysteriously find its way back to the Museum around Halloween this year. The detailed work on the mummy is incredible you can see the embalming bandages. The smooth wood of the sarcophagus is brilliant.

The final twist in the Egyptian Exhibition is the Asp, that was made into a coiled constrictor and you may lay off with your Master or Mistress and your collar sisters or brothers for an afternoon of cuddling and togetherness!

Since this is a Second Life Museum, I felt that this sculpture exhibition would not be complete without some erotic statues, but sadly, I cannot post pictures here! If you would like to see Bahumat and the golden Xcite! Statue, you must stop by Elven Enchantment Museum and Art Gallery and have an enjoyable time being impaled on this wonderful interactive statues!! Shy? No worries these beautiful statues are tucked behind a modesty hedge for your privacy to enjoy an interactive moment!